Making Money Online Never Got Easier With This Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing on Fiverr...

Consider yourself one of the Luckiest Humans on earth right now for jumping on this page. Cos' on here, I'm about to reveal to you, The Fail-Safe Fiverr Guide that might change your story forever.

Heads up, this is going to be a pretty lenghty page, if you are ready to tell a success story,, read patiently, till the end.

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Introducing The Fiverr Social Media Marketing Guide...

Chances are high that YOU, are looking for legit means to make money online, I am right? YES! You have probably tried several methods and bought several random guides on the internet but nothing great pulled out of the exhibitions, ehya!

You tried one of these ponzi schemes, you discovered the website that opened when you PHed is no longer anywhere to be found on the world wide web. You have been SCAMMED!

As a determined fellow, you probably didn't stop there, you pumped in some more funds into importation business. Unfortunately, the unstable dollar rates shattered your importation dreams! Pathetic!

You pushed further to give these internet hustles some more attempts, unfortunately, the overhyped blogging and affiliate marketing didn't come out as easy as they look, you gave up!

You then thought your best option was Yahoo Yahoo internet fraud, but you were not catching preys, you sought the elders and the baba told you to go get the head of an elephant to plus the hustle, you just could not!

These harsh realities have shattered your dream of making some cool income from the four corners of your lonely enclosure.

Right now … you're scared, tired and frustrated because all the so-called 'popular' digital hustles they are making noise about have failed you completely.

Now, Pay attention here, your story is about to change.

I've had a good rummage and cleaned out every skeleton in my rather full closet of rookie errors. I've thumbed through various sections of online money making practices and I've come to the justified conclusion that Fiverr is the way.

Quite right, little is your chance in the world of Freelancing, as you might never make a dime if you have no valuable digital skillset to offer.

Therefore, I didn't stop there, I pressed further to discover one of the easiest skills to learn and subsequently easiest services to offer on Fiverr, in this case - Social Media Marketing.

On The Qui Vive: This is going to be the most realistic sales page you'd ever come across. Take it that whatever you see on this page is the plain truth. Leaving out my internet marketing and convincing content writing tactics, I will not manipulate words to favour my sided horizon to lure you into buying this guide, no. Rather, I will be sharp enough to provide enough details to open your eyes to this amazing opportunity, but blunt enough to make you realize the truth, let it be known, I will not juxtapose alphabets just to milk you of your probably limited funds. And mind you, don't get carried away by impressive monetary figures you see.

Prepare yourself, you are about to learn:

  • What "FIVERR" is All About
  • Fiverr Ranking Manipulation Tactics
  • Social Media Marketing On Fiverr
  • Social Media Manipulation Techniques
  • Making Sweet Cash Off Fiverr
  • The best of Make-Money-Online Endeavours
  • And plenty other mind-blowing stuff we wouldn't want undercover agents snooping around to hear about.
Pay Attention!

Don't be a one-minute-man on this page. Endeavor to read till the end. The thin line betwen success and failure lies between what you choose to read and what not. Calm your nerves, you might NEVER see this page again.

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First off, some little details About The Author of this great material...


My name is Faturoti Kayode, mostly known as FATTKAY, I am that very confused living entity lost in the middle of a digitally driven ecosystem. A computer addict (a hound mama is still praying against), and an internet savvy that does everything using the internet, if possible, marry online. I am one of the thousands of freelancers that make a good living off Fiverr.

I spent years knowing the word "FIVERR" but never really paid attention to it. I later decided to give it a try based on testimonies I saw on a forum, I was like, "It's high time I tried this thing called Fiverr, such digital money ritual cannot just be flying around me without corresponding actions on my part".

I created my first Fiverr account as a writer, which never got a bright side. Even though I know my onions when it comes to writing, no matter how hard I tried to pull my socks up, that thing called writing account never got to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

I put on my wretched cap and went on a blue-sky thinking, I discovered that my chances were limited with such too-common-everywhere-anywhere service as writing on Fiverr, I gave my brain some sense.

I spent days roaming around Fiverr looking for the best of service options, I discovered Email Marketing, I was like "Woah! This is it!"...

But.... "I don't know much about Email Marketing", I thought to myself.

I went on UDEMY and took a 29hours Email Marketing course. That course was a huge eye opener, though I later realized I never really needed it to offer email marketing services on Fiverr, all the same, no regrets.

I created another Fiverr account on Email Marketing, it was a testimony.

Fast forward a year after, I wrote an Ebook on Email Marketing, it got amazing sales. After a while, I was like "We have tried in this niche, let's explore some more...".

I took a deep look at some other sweet service options, WordPress and Social Media Marketing were good ideas, they both rock. And since I was a self-proclaimed Wordpress guru and a born-to-be social media gangster, it wasn't that hard to blend in.

And here we are today, Social Media Marketing, one of the everybody-anybody services you can offer on Fiverr, became the new cool.

What Am I Talking About?

I have painstakingly taken my time to compile a roughly 160-page Ebook material on how to Make Money offering Social Media Marketing gigs on Fiverr. And I didn't stop there, I coupled it with 15 other materials/tools that'll help get off to a good start.

This is in a view to help every hustler out there looking for a way to make a living off freelancing on Fiverr, or any other platform, with no prior skill or specific knowledge.

This fail-safe material is quite DIFFERENT from other 'popular' junk guides you must have come across or heard of out there.

Mine is NOT one of those Ebooks you buy and never get the value and just dump them in your spam folder. In real sense, I've used this not-so-a-secret guide to train people like you! No bluffing, they are still making cool cash till tomorrow!

As long as you follow my simple GUIDE on Offering Social Media Marketing services on FIVERR, 'witches and wizards' (as I chose to call them) will NEVER have any reason to limit your financial capabilities.

Emphatically, all buyers of this guide, who adhered to my instructions are still buzzing my mail with their tiring testimonial letters.

Calm Down Bro! You Are Moving Too Fast. What Is Fiverr?...

On the off chance that you have no idea what Fiverr is...

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it got its name. The platform is primarily used by freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

At times, when I tell people I work on Fiverr. They be like “How come you make this much money with all those $5 thingy”. Little did they know that Fiverr was more of $5 some years back, the game has changed, new pillars have been erected, but the name remains Fiverr, pricing isn’t constant.

If you are just starting to make money online, Fiverr is undoubtedly an excellent platform to make some bucks and at the same time acquire valuable knowledge. This platform surely functions and gives its people maximum value.

On a simpler note, it helps to know that this repository is of good advantage to freelancers all around the world. On here, people can pay out individuals to accomplish different digital tasks for them for not only but a minimum amount of $5.

In addition, regardless of what activity it might be, you can make a living with Fiverr.

Now, you got what the gold rush “Fiverr” is all about?

If you still don’t understand, start all over, by the time you read it 10 times you should grab the point, it is very simple.

Now, below is your success timeline:

You Will Start With an Empty Head

It doesn't matter whether you are a fool or an idiot, loooool. It doesn't matter whether you have any internet experience or you are just some random digital dullard, hahahaha. It doesn't matter whether you are a social media freak or some anti-social neophyte, hehehehe. And guess what? It doesn't even matter whether you have a PC or nah. I have made this guide as simple as possible to make you understand how Social Media Marketing works and how you can copy this somewhat simple model to cut your own monetary share out of the big Fiverr cake.

You Will Understand The Whole Fiverr Freelancing and Social Media Marketing Idea

By the time you are done with this guide, you'd understand the whole concept the so-called Social media big guns never wanted you to know. Using this knowledge, you'd be able to help clients get things done on Freelancing platforms, taking Fiverr as a case study. Not only would you be able to make money with Freelancing, you'd also be able to leverage your Social Media Marketing knowledge to help local clients to take their businesses to the next level and get paid for your exceptional brilliance, which I'm giving you.

Be Proud, At Last, You No Longer Have To Look For Jobs

With this material, you'd no longer have to trek under the wicked city sun in search of a probably arrogant employer. With this material, if well digested with proper subsequent actions, you'd be able to sit in the four corners of your room and take pride in the fact that you now have a great skill, that is, you can manipulate social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus and the likes to make you enough income from the world wide web.

You Will Start Making Money With This

Even though you won't make automatic income as this is not money ritual. But if you are able to take described actions and follow instructions as stated, with corresponding work on your part, you'd be able to pay your last homage to "being broke", hope the dude would find a better place. You'd be able to, with pride, help Fiverr clients take their businesses to the next level, with the simple Social Media Marketing tactics I have revealed in the guide.

For a clearer idea, below is the Table of Content of the 160-page Ebook material...

  • General Introduction to Fiverr
  • Setting Up A Killer USA Fiverr Account
  • Crafting A Magnetic Fiverr Profile
  • Fiverr Aggressive and No-Mercy Gig Ranking Formula
  • Understanding The Whole Idea Behind Social Media Marketing
  • Choosing Social Media Marketing as Your Fiverr Niche
  • Doing Social Media Marketing The Fiverr Way
  • Creating and Ranking Fiverr Gigs With Hit-Their-Balls Technique
  • 31 Social Media Services You Can Offer On Fiverr
  • Mastering The Easiest Lazy-Man Ways To Deliver The 31 Gigs
  • Social Media Tools That Might Be Helpful
  • Kidnapping The Fiverr Buyer Request Section
  • Challenges To Expect On Fiverr And How To Overcome
  • The Last Bullet That Shoots You Straight To Financial Freedom
  • And loads more interesting revelations we wouldn't want poke-nosing passersby to hear about.

Talking Of Proofs

Here are some random screenshots that might get you in the mood.

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A Quick Recap...!

What You Will Learn...


  • What FIVERR is all about, what Social Media Marketing is all about, offering Social Media Marketing services on Fiverr;
  • Leveraging Social Media Marketing skills to offer PR services offline, leaving aside freelancing;
  • Creating A Killer Fiverr Account And Full Verification;
  • Tearing Apart And Delivering 31 Social Media Marketing services;
  • Fiverr Ultimate Gig Ranking Formula That Works like Juju;
  • The A-Z of making money online by sitting in a dark room with your device, forming Social Media Marketing jagaban on Fiverr; and
  • My easy-to-understand strategies to shoot your FIVERR hustle to the top of the chart.

I have taken my time to package all the million-dollar worth of information about Offering Social Media Marketing Services On FIVERR in this 160-page Ebook, with needed materials and screenshots where needed. Believe me, every information that I've got, I'm telling it!

All you need is a brain, an internet connection and a mobile device or PC.

Then take your time and go through my ultimate guide to the millionaire's world, it doesn't take a layman more than 30-45minutes to digest the knowledge-filled material.

Subsequently, spring into action, as clearly stated in the Ebook. With these fail-safe methods and by following my guide carefully, you can head to your hometown and challenge the richest chief that you will soon come for his title. Cool, isn't it?

Yes..This Guide Is For Everybody

At The Same Time, It's not For Everybody!


  • An Undergraduae
  • An Unemployed Graduate
  • Under-Employed Graduates
  • Working Class
  • Internet Hustler
  • Any Random Individual Looking For A Way To Make A Good Living Online


  • A Lazy Ass
  • An Impatient Biper
  • A Restless Creature
  • Looking For Ritual Money
  • Cannot Read Simple English
  • Cannot Follow Simple Step-By-Step Instructions

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Before You Buy, Read This Disclaimer!

First off, don't get carried away by monetary figures and too-good-to-be-true words you see, Fiverr is not a child's play.

Understand that you're buying this guide, which is abundance of knowledge, and which is useless if necessary subsequent actions are not taken. That is, buying this guide doesn't automatically guarantee that you'll make money, unless actions and steps stated in the guide are well followed. In factual sense, the more you work, the more you earn.

Therefore, caveat emptor – let the buyer beware!

If you don't agree to this... Well, I'm sorry we have to end the journey here.

If you're good with this, c'mon friend, let's make this legit digital money together, go ahead and place the order.


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    You'll get the Fiverr Email Marketing guide with all materials and softwares, check the sales page here.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! They call me Mr Nice Guy, I act too much on generosity, maybe I'll soon stop, but it's in the blood. Grab this Knowedge-base today and start enjoying your millions!

I've been asked this question a couple of times and I believe it's quite rational. As in, since I claimed I make huge money from this practice, then why selling a guide to collect ridiculous stipends from others?

Pay attention...

Akin Alabi, the owner of Nairabet, is a billionaire but still compiles his knowledge in writing and sells. Neil Patel, one of the best digital marketers in the world, regardless of his wealth, has loads of books on Amazon. Harsh Agrawal, owner of Shoutmeloud, despite his huge purchasing power, still sells ebooks for a few dollars.

Greatness is achieved by imparting knowledge in others. Believe me, I am indirectly creating challenges in form of competitions for myself the more I sell this guide. But I find fulfilment in helping others get up the financial ladder, and since information marketing is a great way to help others, why not just do it?

It's a tough street out there, people are suffering due to lack of knowledge. It hurts me when I get complaints and I see how humans struggle in search of survival. And this is just my own little way of helping the small populace that's ready to be helped.

On a factual note, whether you buy this guide or not, trust me friend, it's a win-win for me.

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Yes, you can use phone for Social Media Marketing but not for Email Marketing on Fiverr. Generally, having a PC is preferable.

Yes! That's the plan! You automatically become my competitor by buying this guide and in order to protect our dear Niche, I am trying to sell this guide to the least possible number of individuals.

Sure, you can always create gigs relating to the niche in the guide to add to your existing gigs.

No. We don't need to deceive ourselves. Like I said earlier, buying this guide doesn't automatically guarantee that you'll make money, unless actions and steps stated in the guide are well followed.

And I do not accept responsibility for damages, including without limitation to any compensation, incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential, as a result of loss of data, loss of income or profit, loss or damage to property, claims of third parties, or other losses of any kind, arising from use or misuse of this book.

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